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Contractors 'still have to make good' on Dunraven project

By Bob Malcolm

A disabled and almost housebound man has been left completely dissatisfied by his Housing Association's contractors who he alleges have left works at his home unfinished.

Gary Newbury (50), a medically retired nurse, lives in Dunraven Gardens and apartments there are having their doors and windows replaced as part of a £200,000 planned investment across east and west Belfast and Antrim.

His windows have been replaced, his door is yet to be, but he says he has been left with damaged blinds, holes in his walls, unpainted walls where the replacements took place, had tiles removed but not replaced, and was left to clean up the mess left by the contractors.

He said: "I've got a bad neck and back so it was difficult for me to do the cleaning up after them.

"They were supposed to come before and after the works started but that didn't happen."

Gary said that he suffers from pain sweats, brought on by the permanent pain in his back and neck, and is using morphine patches but that he had to do all the cleaning after the contractors left his home.

"I have had to buy new blinds too, because they took them down and put them under my bed, but they ended up tangled and broken around the legs of my bed."

He said it cost him £140 for new blinds for his living room and bedroom and he's angry that the housing association has decided not to give him a grant.

His neighbour Sonya said: "I was shocked seeing Gary's illness and the sweats. They don't take into consideration people's illnesses. They just arrive at your door the day beforehand and say: 'We're coming tomorrow'."

A spokesperson from Oaklee Housing said: "The contractor still has to make good the paintwork to the reveals and fit sill boards or replace tiles in the kitchens. Oaklee Homes Groups staff and consultant will inspect all the affected properties to ensure the works have been completed to a high standard.

"Regrettably, there have been several thefts of windows and doors from this scheme and further incidents of vandalism to the contractor's vehicles which have delayed the completion of the contract. Oaklee is aware of the concerns of tenants regarding the finish and decoration at some of the window installations and our maintenance staff will be liaising with our consultant, contractor and tenants to consider acceptable solutions on how the new windows can blend in with the existing decor."

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