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Controversial Jeremy Corbyn aide 'sang IRA songs in bar with convicted terrorist'


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher as the party’s stakeholder manager

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher as the party’s stakeholder manager

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Jayne Fisher

Jayne Fisher


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher as the party’s stakeholder manager

Concern is growing within the Labour Party following revelations that a new recruit once sang along with an IRA terrorist who led a bar-room massacre.

Jeremy Corbyn has hired Jayne Fisher to take on the role of the party’s ‘stakeholder manager’ in the New Year.

Previously, Fisher was employed as the head of Sinn Fein’s operation in London but its her latest role that has caused concern.

Footage has emerged of Fisher apparently singing with IRA terrorist Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane, according to a London newspaper.

McFarlane was sentenced to life in prison for leading the 1975 Bayardo Bar attack on Belfast’s Shankill Road.  A total of five people lost their lives in the attack and a further 60 were injured after his gang fired into the crowded bar before blowing it up.

He later made a failed attempt to escape from the Maze Prison dressed as a priest but later broke free in 1983 during a mass break out.

McFarlane was recaptured in 1986 before being released on parole in 1997.

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Sinn Fein now describe McFarlane as a voluntary worker.

He is known to sing regularly in a Belfast bar and performed with Miss Fisher in 2009.

Five years later in 2014 Miss Fisher was also pictured beside Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy, who served time in prison on charges relating to possession of explosives.

Concerns about Mr Corbyn’s decision to hire Miss Fisher were raised by opposition politicians.

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott said: “It causes great concern when such people get security clearance.

“It is disappointing that Jeremy Corbyn has employed someone with that background.”

Lord Tebbit — who himself almost lost his life in a bombin —   said: “Many of the Labour lords I have spoken to are horrified by this appointment but it’s par for the course for Corbyn.”

And former Labour MP Tom Harris said: “By appointing ex-Sinn Fein staffer Jayne Fisher to the leader’s office, Labour has shot itself in the kneecap.”

Photos were also taken of Miss Fisher with Mr Corbyn and Sinn Fein politicians Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams in the Houses of Parliament last year.

Sources from with the Labour Party indicated Miss Fisher had been ‘helping’ Mr Corbyn informally for months but was now becoming an official member of staff.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Corbyn’s office did not comment on the revelations.

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