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Convicted killer Samuel McKinley recaptured by police in Belfast

By Chris Kilpatrick

A convicted killer is back in prison after spending three months at large.

Samuel McKinley (53) was detained by police in north Belfast just after 5am yesterday.

He failed to return to custody days before Christmas having been released from Maghaberry Prison for a work scheme.

It was the third time he had absconded while on temporary release. McKinley, currently serving a life sentence for stabbing his friend to death during a drinking session, had last been spotted at the Mater Hospital.

He abandoned a walking aid and fled in a waiting car outside the hospital.

Weeks earlier he was spotted at a hospital in the Republic where it is understood he had received treatment for chest pains.

Police yesterday confirmed McKinley had been found by police in north Belfast. He now faces court proceedings for failing to return to jail in December.

Policing Board member and DUP MLA Jonathan Craig said he was amazed McKinley had been released three times.

"It beggars belief that this man was allowed out on pre-release for a third time given his history of absconding," he said.

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