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Convicted sex offender Ryan Eastwood refused bail after he allegedly asked woman to make video online


In custody: Ryan Eastwood

In custody: Ryan Eastwood

In custody: Ryan Eastwood

A convicted sex offender, accused of accessing the Facebook account of a woman in Scotland, changing her password, then asking her to make a sex tape, must remain in custody.

Despite being prohibited from having any internet-capable device, it emerged Ryan Eastwood's home has a Broadband system, fully accessible by anyone in the household, and multiple devices are being forensically examined.

Eastwood (26) of Coolnagard View, Omagh, allegedly breached a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) by engaging with a female on social media.

Further matters, including misuse of a communications network, remain under investigation. He first appeared in Dungannon Magistrates Court in April after police were contacted by Scottish counterparts.

A detective explained the injured party received an Instagram message on October 9, 2019 from a person called 'Channel Spud' who she believed was a local DJ. He requested use of her Facebook account to reset his password, which she agreed to.

Shortly afterwards 'Channel Spud' asked her to make a sex tape. She didn't respond, but her partner was then messaged, purportedly by her, asking for sex tapes.

The injured party was notified that her Facebook password had been changed without her knowledge or permission. Investigations commenced, establishing the correspondence originated from Eastwood's Omagh address, where he was arrested, providing a "no comment" interview except to deny any knowledge of the allegations.

Bail was refused on first appearance and police repeated their objections at the latest attempt.

The detective said Eastwood was jailed for similar behaviour last year after he contacted females posing as a model agent.

The latest offending was allegedly committed shortly after release from prison and while on licence, with Eastwood currently subject to a SOPO until 2024.

It was contended "he has demonstrated no regard for this or members of the public".

In addition: "There is evidence of significantly more offending and it's very unlikely this case is the only instance. The defendant is permitted to have a phone which is not internet-capable as part of the SOPO. But it is all too easy to obtain another internet source in the family home. Ten items have been seized for forensic examination, and the system in the household fully allows internet access."

The defence argued bail could be granted on this second application before Dungannon Magistrates Court. But, as before, District Judge Eamon King refused, ruling Eastwood must remain in custody and highlighted concerns around a repeat of previous criminal offending, allegedly a short time after release from prison and while on licence.

Eastwood was remanded in custody to appear again by video-link next month.

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