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Coronavirus: Minister Naomi Long lays down law on hygiene for court visits in Northern Ireland

Naomi Long

People who suspect they might have contracted the coronavirus should not attend courts or tribunals without letting the courthouse know in advance, Stormont Justice Minister Naomi Long said yesterday.

The minister also called on everyone involved in the work of the courts to follow Public Health Agency guidance on anti-virus procedures - such as handwashing - in order to protect both themselves and others.

"Anyone attending courts, as with any other public building, should follow common sense guidelines," Mrs Long said.

"Do not attend if you are unwell yourself.

"Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before, during and after visiting.

"If you, or anyone attending a court or tribunal with you, have a confirmed or possible coronavirus (Covid-19) infection, you should contact the court or tribunal in which the hearing is due to take place - or your legal representative," the minister said.

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