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Corporation tax warning to Executive

By Staff Reporter

Secretary of State James Brokenshire last night warned that the devolution of corporation tax to Northern Ireland will not happen unless a stable Executive with 'sustainable finances' is formed after the forthcoming election in March.

Speaking to the Institute of Directors' Annual Diner in Belfast, Mr Brokenshire said: "It's a measure that can bring significant new investment, jobs and prosperity to Northern Ireland, you've campaigned for it and I want to deliver it.

"The legislation is on the statute book but it can only be triggered if we have a stable, functioning devolved Executive with sustainable finances.

"So the power to bring about this change rests locally - and I hope that message will be heard over the coming weeks."

He also stressed his commitment to devolution after the election, saying: "I for one am not contemplating any other outcome but a resumption of devolved, partnership government."

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