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Corporation to probe the ‘targeting of vulnerable’


Probe: The BBC

Probe: The BBC

Probe: The BBC

The BBC has ordered an investigation into TV licence collectors following reports that they are deliberately targeting vulnerable people who have not paid.

Enforcement officers at Capita are ordered to catch 28 evaders every week and promised incentive bonuses of up to £15,000 a year, the Daily Mail claimed.

The company is reportedly paid £58m a year to collect licence fees for the broadcaster.

Staff targeted vulnerable people, including a war veteran with dementia and a young mother in a women's refuge, the paper said.

One of the bosses was allegedly caught telling an undercover journalist: "We will drive you as hard as we can to get as much as we can out of you because we're greedy."

The BBC has ordered an urgent investigation into the report and said financial incentives were offered only for licence sales, not prosecutions.

"We are very disappointed by the conduct of Capita's interviewing managers in this particular case, which is not in line with the high standards we expect and does not reflect the policies in place," a spokesman said.

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