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Could Gerry Adams face Willie Frazer in a public debate? Sinn Fein in negotiations

Sinn Fein is considering a debate between its party president Gerry Adams and Willie Frazer following an offer from the victims' campaigner.

Sinn Finn leader Gerry Adams has offered to set up a meeting with MP Conor Murphy to discuss the details of how the debate might take place.

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "Sinn Féin believes in the imperative of dialogue as a means of resolving differences. Consequently in response to Mr Frazer’s request for a public debate on equality and justice Gerry Adams has written to him expressing his willingness to meet with victims of the conflict. 

"The Sinn Féin leader has proposed that Conor Murphy MP meet with Mr Frazer to discuss the details of any debate, for example when it can be held; who will be the independent chair mentioned in Mr Frazer’s proposal; who is the ‘other person’ he which he refers, and how do we ensure a public aspect to the debate?”

The News Letter reported senior church figures or former peace process negotiators are being considered as potential independent chairs for the debate - which could take place at Stormont.

Mr Frazer said it would be a "genuine attempt at seeing if this can be moved forward and to see if Sinn Fein is genuine".

He told the News Letter: "This is about the victims taking the situation on. We have lift it toe everyone else in the past and they haven't delivered for us."

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