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Council announce decrease in blue bin contamination

By Brian Lovett

Contamination levels in North Down’s bins are on the decrease, North Down Borough Council has said.

A few months ago the council was made aware that incorrect items had been found in blue bin loads taken to Bryson Recycling.

After a major focus on this issue the council revealed that contamination levels in all loads “have been improving”.

The crews emptying the bins now leave a new and improved ‘contamination card’ that provides householders with further information on how to deal with the incorrect items in the blue bin.

Alison Curtis, waste services manager with North Down Borough Council, said: “Our recent refocus on blue bin recycling has been very successful and I want to thank all the residents who have responded to our campaign and made every effort to use their blue bin effectively.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and ensure that householders are given useful information if the incorrect items are being put in the blue bin.”

Items that still seem to be causing confusion are plastic containers, plastic bags, juice cartons, general rubbish and textiles.

The only plastic that can go into the blue bin is plastic bottles.

Juice cartons can be recycled at the Recycling Centres in Bangor and Holywood and at the carpark banks at Groomsport, Helen’s Bay and Queen’s Parade, Bangor. Textiles can be recycled at the Recycling Centres or given to charity shops. To confirm what items are acceptable for blue bin recycling call 0845 111 3334.

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