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Council cleans up with 'cash for trash'

By Nevin Farrell

A council has extended an innovative 'cash for trash' scheme in a bid to stamp out littering.

Eagle-eyed Ballymena Council staff have been instructed to look out for responsible binning of litter and then issue special 'reward cards' which could win good citizens money.

The council has agreed to extend a pilot reward scheme – which has been running for three months – for another six months.

It is a 'carrot' rather than 'stick' approach and the council's deputy chief environmental health officer Nicola McCall said the reaction on the streets has been good.

She said: "This scheme has been running for three months and during that period we issued 154 reward cards and we have had some very good feedback."

Ms McCall said it was too early to comment on the impact of the scheme which targets litter and also dog foul.

As part of the scheme, those given the reward cards are entered into a monthly draw and they can win a £50 voucher for either a pet shop or a supermarket.

Added Ms McCall: "We would encourage everybody to dispose of litter and dog foul and you never know when you will be seen and put in the draw for the voucher."

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