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Council considers plan to give Belfast first free bicycle repair station

By John Mulgrew

Northern Ireland could be about to get its first bicycle repair station. Proposals were put to Belfast City Council last night to build the station at CS Lewis Square in the east of the city, where there is already a dock for the Belfast Bikes.

It's understood UK cycling charity Sustrans is putting up around £1,500 towards the setting up of the station. The facility is expected to cost around £2,500.

"The first of its kind in Northern Ireland, this free and publicly accessible bike repair facility will comprise of a bicycle pump unit and a unit containing a range of eight retractable tools to provide cyclists with a free facility to make adjustments and repairs on the spot", the council's growth and regeneration committee heard.

Meanwhile, the council is now considering moving some of its lesser used Belfast Bike rental stations.

Council minutes say that a "detailed discussion took place in respect of the coverage of the scheme and future plans for expansion".

They add: "It was recognised that some stations experienced low usage and members asked about the possibility of moving said stations to other key areas.

"It was discussed how the current system is flexible and that stations could be moved, however there would be a cost to this.

"It was agreed that costs and implications of moving stations would be examined and brought back to committee."

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