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Council forced to intervene as Belfast free doughnut giveaway sparks frenzy

By Jonathan Bell

A free doughnut giveaway in Belfast city centre sparked a frenzy on Thursday - until council officials stepped in.

Krispy Kreme staged a PR stunt at Belfast City Hall at lunchtime to promote the opening of their new Dublin store in Blanchardstown on September 26.

What followed were scenes of pandemonium.

Witnesses said there were long queues of people eager to get their hands of boxes of the sugary treats.

“It was crazy,” said one man out on his lunch break.

“Until the council stepped in. They came out and said they needed a permit and they had to stop."

A council spokesperson said that while the gesture was appreciated, it was in breach of council regulations.

“This was a wonderful impromptu gesture that raised the spirits of people in Belfast city centre. However, Belfast City Council was not informed of the giveaway ahead of time and so had been unable to advise of the need for a permit to distribute free advertised goods," the spokesperson said.

“Our enforcement team work hard to keep the city streets free of litter so the staff member intervened as part of his daily duties to explain that to carry out this type of activity requires a permit.

“We encourage everyone to carry out random acts of kindness and understanding and can provide advice and guidance to support such initiatives.”

Krispy Kreme was approached for a comment.

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