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Council moves up recycling league table

Castlereagh Borough Council is seventh in the league of recycling councils.

Castlereagh’s recycling and composting rates have increased by over 17% from 2005/06 and during the first quarter of 2010/11 the council had the seventh highest municipal waste recycling and composting rate (43%) of all NI councils as well as the sixth lowest percentage of municipal waste landfilled (56.2%).

Councillor Gareth Robinson, chair of the council's technical and environmental services committee, thanked residents for their support. “When you consider the council had a recycling rate of around 5% in 2002/03 we have come a long way, now ranking among the top performing councils in Northern Ireland.”

He said there were further targets to be met and that in 2009/10 council spent almost £1.2m on landfill. When you consider it can cost as much as £56 per tonne extra to landfill waste as opposed to recycling it, the financial case for increasing recycling efforts should not be under-estimated.”

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