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Council to intervene on Belfast City Hall parking 'bedlam'

By Suzanne Breen

A Belfast City Council committee will today be asked to take action to stop what are described as "scenes of chaos" in the car park at City Hall.

Sources told the Belfast Telegraph that although there are 46 spaces, many are being taken up by people who shouldn't have priority - and serving councillors are sometimes forced to use metered parking on the street.

The situation has been described as "bedlam", with bumper to bumper parking often bringing movement to a standstill.

The strategic policy and resources (SPR) committee will today be asked to restrict former councillors and civic dignitaries, their families, and other members of the public from using the City Hall car park.

"Action has to be taken or the situation will totally spiral out of control given all the events that are on over Christmas," one councillor said.

"As it is, the car park is so jam-packed that car doors, wing-mirrors and bumpers have been damaged. And serving councillors going to meetings haven't been able to find a space to park and have had to pay for parking in Linenhall Street."

The councillor also claimed that one political party was using City Hall to hold internal meetings, and as a result was "hogging" a huge number of spaces at certain times.

A proposal from council officers before today's SPR committee recommends that former councillors and Lord Mayors be allowed to park only occasionally in City Hall by advance arrangement, and bans them from leaving their cars there overnight.

Relatives of ex or current councillors will be allowed to park in City Hall for only a very short period of time if prior permission is granted.

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