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Councillor comes to aid of injured after Tyrone road crash

Helping hand: Derek Hussey
Helping hand: Derek Hussey

By David Young

An Ulster Unionist councillor last night told how he cradled the head and neck of a woman after she was injured in a four-vehicle car crash in Co Tyrone.

The smash happened on the Fyfin Road near Victoria Bridge yesterday afternoon.

All four cars suffered substantial damage in the incident, and in all vehicles the air bags had deployed.

Castlederg-based councillor Derek Hussey said he came upon the scene just seconds after the crash.

"I was at the scene and saw the aftermath," he said.

"My father-in-law and I were in a car that was close behind the vehicles involved in the crash.

"I assisted in keeping the head and neck still of a woman injured in the incident until the emergency services arrived.

"She was still inside the car.

"Others were doing the same for other injured people.

"Thankfully there were no fatalities - but everyone involved will have suffered considerable trauma."

The Fire and Rescue service, Ambulance Service, PSNI and Air Ambulance all attended the crash scene, with the injured being taken to hospital for treatment.

Mr Hussey said he knew several of the people in the four cars, as well as many of the emergency services responders.

"I was just glad I was able to do something to help the injured.

"You get in there, and you do what you can."

Mr Hussey praised the swift response of the emergency services to the incident, but also noted that the local fire station at Castlederg was understaffed.

The councillor called on the NIFRS to beef up personnel numbers at the station.

"I appeal to the NIFRS to bring Castlederg station up to its full complement of 20.

"The people are there, and are willing to serve their community," he said.

"I call on the NIFRS to rethink and to engage with the people who wish to serve."

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