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Councillor welcomes life-saving equipment

By Brendan McDaid

The installation of life-saving defibrillators at Derry City Council sport facilities has been welcomed.

Sinn Fein councillor Colly Kelly got unanimous backing for a motion in November last year calling for the introduction of the machines at council facilities.

The council is now training staff to use the new equipment.

The cityside councillor’s call for the installation came after a number of sudden deaths at sporting events across Northern Ireland.

Councillor Kelly said: “There had been a lot of concern expressed about the lack of life saving defibrillators in council buildings and sporting facilities in the Derry area.

“I am a keen sports fan and the sudden death of Tyrone footballer Cormac McAnallen in 2004 brought home to everyone the need to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

“And more recently, we had the collapse of Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba during a football match.

“I felt this was an issue the council needed to move on as a matter of urgency. If it saves one life it will have been worth it.”

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