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Councillors approve 2% increase in Belfast rates


Alliance councillor Michael Long

Alliance councillor Michael Long

Alliance councillor Michael Long

Belfast ratepayers will face a near 2% increase on their bills in the next tax year.

Councillors have ratified the 1.99% increase, a rise on last year's 1.98%.

The council has said the new district rate increase will mean domestic ratepayers in Belfast paying, on average, an extra 63p a month. From 2015 to 2018 the council had no rates increase.

During a council meeting on Monday, councillor Michael Long of Alliance praised "the work done by our team, the director of finance, the chief executive, as well as the other councillors who have worked to try and ensure we have minimised the rate increase", which he added was "achieved through a lot of hard work and effort".

People Before Profit councillor Matthew Collins said his party did "not go with the narrative" of rates increases.

Ulster Unionist councillor Jim Rogers said: "This council should be congratulating our chief officers on the brilliant job they have done yet again in keeping the rates increase down to quite a low level."

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