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Councillors served fish after SDLP complaint

By Suzanne Breen

An SDLP politician objected that fish wasn't on the menu at City Hall last night for Catholic councillors who didn't want to eat meat on Ash Wednesday.

A complaint was lodged with City Hall officials and salmon was offered at the last minute at the regular free dinner for councillors before their monthly meeting. Yesterday, the options were chicken and bacon with a leek sauce; a ham or roast beef salad, and a lentil dahl.

Ash Wednesday is a day of fasting for Catholics, although some choose to eat fish instead of meat.

An SDLP councillor discovered fish wasn't being offered on the menu at dinner in City Hall and duly complained. As a result, the menu was changed with a salmon, potatoes and vegetables dish provided.

A unionist councillor said: "I didn't get to sample it myself, but a colleague did.

"He said it was melt in your mouth salmon and the nicest dish he had ever tasted at the pre-meeting dinner."

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