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Councils get extra funds for injury claims

Extra funding is being offered to Northern Ireland’s councils to help insure against claims from people who slipped on pavements during the freezing weather.

DRD Roads Service has set aside £30,000 to allow the 26 councils across the province to buy additional insurance to meet claims for injuries and losses.

But only councils who signed up to the DRD Roads Service scheme to grit footpaths will receive money.

At the beginning of the cold snap only Belfast and Ballymena had signed a contract with Roads Service to grit treacherous walkways.

The Belfast Telegraph campaigned to urge councils to take on the duty of gritting and since then seven other councils have formally agreed to salt pavements on behalf of Roads Service.

But it is not certain if those councils who agreed informally with Roads Service to grit footpaths will receive the additional funding.

Councils will receive amounts equivalent to their population size.

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