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Couple plead guilty to stealing £100k from credit union

By Staff Reporter

A couple from Banbridge have admitted stealing almost £100,000 from a credit union.

Christina Graham (27) of Huntly Mews and Alistair Winton (31) of Iveagh Drive were to stand trial this week at Newry Crown Court, but both pleaded guilty after charges of conspiracy against the pair were not proceeded with.

Winton pleaded guilty to stealing credit in various bank accounts totalling £39,683 between October 3, 2012, and December 22, 2013.

Graham admitted a similar charge amounting to the theft of £59,490 credit from bank accounts between October 2, 2012, and July 25, 2014. She further admitted possessing articles for use in theft on October 22, 2014, namely financial documentation belonging to Lower Iveagh Credit Union Limited.

Adjourning for pre-sentence reports, Judge Melody McReynolds noted the issue was one of "quantum and culpability" and urged some form of restitution to be attempted.

She said: "The strongest possible mitigation is some form of repayment and I don't think that's exactly me re-inventing the wheel."

However, defence counsel replied: "The prospect of repayment in this instance is negligible and I don't want the court to be under that misapprehension."

Confiscation inquiries are ongoing and an update is expected in the coming weeks. Both Winton and Graham were remanded on continuing bail to attend for sentencing next month.

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