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Couple who were told to fear the worst for their babies welcome 'little miracle' triplets into world

By Erinn Kerr

A young mum who was on the pill when she found out she was pregnant has given birth to healthy triplet girls, despite being told to prepare for the worst.

Sarah McCrory and her husband Conor found out they were having three babies on a Friday the 13th but far from feeling unlucky the happy couple celebrated the news of their "little miracles".

The pair, who were married in 2013, intended to have children together in the future, but were not trying when Sarah fell pregnant.

She said: "I woke up one morning in February and I just knew."

The 26-year-old went straight out and bought five pregnancy tests, every one of which came out positive.

Sarah, who lives with Conor (25) in Bangor, said: "I was totally stunned because I was on the pill and we didn't think we were ready to have a baby."

Later that week Sarah's mum Dot (58) received a devastating cancer diagnosis.

Sarah said: "My whole world was turned upside down that week. I remember feeling so scared of losing my mum that I was physically sick."

Afraid for her daughter's health and her unborn grandchild, Dot, who is a midwife, organised for Sarah to have an early scan at the Royal.

The doctor at the hospital broke the news that the couple wouldn't be having just one baby.

Sarah said: "The doctor turned to me and said 'these are obviously IVF'. I felt like screaming 'I'm on the pill'. I couldn't believe it but both Conor and I saw the triplets as a blessing.

"I was told that if I gave birth to the girls before 24 weeks they would have just a 15% chance of survival so I aimed to carry them for as long as possible."

Sarah was told that it was unusual for triplets to go full-term so when she began to get contractions when she was just 25 weeks' pregnant she had to prepare for the worst.

She said: "I was rushed into hospital and it was all systems go. I was told that if I had the babies they would be very, very ill.

"But miraculously the contractions stopped and I was discharged from hospital after just 10 days."

It was only at 34 weeks, full term for triplets, that Sarah was told she would have to have a Caesarian section.

She said: "Rose, born 3lbs, Lucy, 3lbs 14oz and Cara 4lb 1oz were called little miracles by the team who delivered them at the Royal because the chances of them all being born healthy were so slim."

Now Sarah has been discharged from hospital and should be able to bring her girls home in a matter of days.

She said: "I'm totally overwhelmed that we are now parents to three beautiful little girls."

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