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Couple’s wedding dreams in tatters as thieves steal their £12K savings

By Lesley-Anne Henry

A Northern Ireland couple say their wedding will be put on hold after thieves stole £12,000 they had saved to pay for the big day.

Eamon Cooke and Leeann Mc Gowan, both 31, are due to marry in five weeks’ time but, their plans were ruined when burglars raided a safe containing all their cash.

“The whole day is ruined now because we don’t have any money to pay for it,” a devastated Mr Cooke told the Belfast Telegraph.

“We had everything in envelopes so that everybody would be paid — the band, the cake, the photographer, the hotel.

“We didn’t want to keep the money in our house because we were worried about it being stolen.

“So, we gave it to Leeann’s father to keep in his safe.

“We had taken the money out because we were going to pay everybody this week.

“We are completely gutted.”

Eamon, a gym instructor for Derry City Council and Leeann, a Starbucks supervisor, have been saving for their dream wedding for the past three years.

The reception on May 14 is due to be held at the Belfry Inn, Drumahoe.

“We have paid deposits but we have no money to pay for the rest of it,” added Eamon.

“I don’t know what to do. That was every penny we had.

“We don’t know if it was someone who knew we were saving for a wedding, but they went straight for the safe.

“Our only hope is that, among the cash were six £100 notes.

“We are hoping that people round here might notice people splashing the cash.”

It is thought the robbery at Dromore Avenue, Limavady, happened sometime between 7pm and 11.30pm on Tuesday night.

Anyone with information should contact the police on 0845 600 8000.

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