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Courageous domestic violence victim Terri-Lousie Graham tells of how her ex Greg Logue beat and raped her


Terri-Louise Graham in hospital after she was attacked by former partner Greg Logue

Terri-Louise Graham in hospital after she was attacked by former partner Greg Logue

Terri-Louise Graham yesterday

Terri-Louise Graham yesterday

Terri-Louise Graham in hospital after she was attacked by former partner Greg Logue

A woman who endured three years of horrific sexual, physical and mental abuse at the hands of her partner has spoken of how she found the strength to finally take him to court.

Greg Logue (34) pleaded guilty to eight counts of indecent assault and six counts of common assault that took place from 2008 and 2011.

Seven rape charges and threats to kill will remain on the books.

Logue has been brought before court several times since last November for sentencing and each time it has been put back.

Terri-Louise Graham has spoken of the mental strain she is under each time she goes to court and has to look at the man who put her through years of hell.

In 2011, Logue was sentenced to nine years, with three-and-a-half years behind bars and the rest out on licence, for a brutal attack on Louise on July 12 that year.

Today she should learn if that jail term will be increased for these additional charges and if her torturer will face additional time in prison.

Terri-Louise spoke to the Belfast Telegraph to encourage others not to suffer in silence, but to contact the authorities or help organisations.

She said: "No one will say getting out of an abusive relationship is easy, but it is possible.

"I have been waiting since November to see what sentence the man who made my life hell will get from the court.

"He was sentenced for one attack on me in 2011 but this court case is in addition to that, and could mean he will not get out for a very long time.

"Each time I go and sit there looking at him in the dock, clearly not one bit sorry for what he put me through, I am nearly sick.

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"Despite all this, I would encourage any woman, in fact I would plead with her, to lift the phone or run out the door and get help because there is a safety net out there waiting for you."

She added: "The police will be on your side and organisations like Women's Aid are incredible.

"The courts hold the key to the biggest safety net of all by imposing sentences that give protection to victims and that is what I am hoping for."

Campaigner Eileen Calder, of the Rape Crisis Centre, said the authorities needed to get tougher on domestic abuse.

She said: "Terri-Louise's courage and bravery is to be commended. She stood up to her perpetrator and has come forward to help other women who may be in her situation.

"Sentencing is still not tough enough and authorities must work to punish the perpetrators of sexual violence, rape and abuse more heavily."

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