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Court to consider policeman's damages appeal over Castlereagh stolen files

By Alan Erwin

Judgment has been reserved in a retired Special Branch officer's appeal against being awarded just over £20,000 in damages for having his details stolen in a break-in at a top Belfast security base.

The veteran ex-constable is challenging a ruling on the level of compensation based on the impact that the raid on Castlereagh police station had on his mental health.

Fighting the case without a lawyer, he argued that the Provisional IRA carried out the burglary as part of a plan to kill Special Branch officers, "their main enemy".

Liability has already been admitted in the negligence claim brought against the Chief Constable.

The former officer who brought the action can be identified only as CR19 for security reasons. He had retired from the police more than a year before intruders infiltrated a Special Branch office at Castlereagh on St Patrick's Day 2002.

They escaped with sensitive files believed to have related to officers and their agents inside paramilitary ranks. Millions of pounds was spent rehousing officers and others whose security was compromised by the episode.

Republicans denied that the Provisional IRA was involved.

Following submissions it was confirmed judgment would be given at a later stage.

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