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Court to rule on who has power on Brexit vote

By Staff Reporter

The Supreme Court will deliver its landmark ruling today on who has the power to formally trigger Brexit.

Top lawyers, including Northern Ireland's Attorney General, had locked horns in the Supreme Court over whether Government ministers can use the royal prerogative to commence the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Now, the decision of 11 judges will determine whether Prime Minister Theresa May can invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty herself, or if she needs the permission of Parliament to do so.

The judgment follows a ruling by the High Court in November stating that Parliament has the final say on officially deciding that the UK wishes to leave the European Union.

The Government appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court as Mrs May has always claimed it is within her powers to trigger Article 50, which the Prime Minister has said she intends to do by the end of March. The Supreme Court is to decide whether to reject or allow the appeal.

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