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Cousin awaiting sentencing for drug offences released for funeral

By George Jackson

A man being held in custody in Maghaberry Prison as he awaits sentencing for drugs offences has been granted compassionate bail by Londonderry's Crown Court to attend the funeral of his cousin Caoimhin Cassidy.

The 18-year-old died when the car in which he was a passenger crashed and caught fire early last Saturday morning.

The funeral of the teenager, who was from the Creggan area of the city and who survived the car crash before dying as a result of the fire, is due to take place tomorrow morning.

The Mazda car in which he was travelling hit a lamppost at the junction of Galliagh Park and Fairview Road. It had been stolen from outside a house at Oakfield Crescent and driven back and forth across the border shortly before the crash.

In court yesterday, a barrister for the victim's cousin, Noel McGilloway, also from the Creggan area, asked for compassionate bail to enable his client to attend the funeral. A police officer told Judge Philip Babington the applicant was due to be sentenced next week for drugs offences, adding there were three other cases pending against him.

She said that several weeks ago McGilloway had been granted a separate compassionate bail application and had complied with the conditions.

The officer said she had no difficulty with the current compassionate bail application, as long as McGilloway agreed to a number of conditions.

One is that he is returned to Maghaberry Prison by 5pm tomorrow. While in public he must also always be in the company of one of his two sureties, his mother and another cousin.

The officer said McGilloway must observe a midnight to 8am curfew while staying in his mother's home and will have to undergo a drugs test if requested to do so by the police.

McGilloway's barrister said the conditions were acceptable.

The compassionate bail application was then granted by Judge Babington.

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