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Cousin of missing Donegal girl schoolgirl Mary Boyle urges Garda to let PSNI investigate case

By Gerry McLaughlin

A close relative of missing Donegal schoolgirl Mary Boyle says the PSNI should be called in to investigate her disappearance almost 40 years ago.

Joe Craig made the call at the end of Saturday's March For Mary, which was attended by 650 people.

The Letterkenny man is a first cousin of the child, who was six when she disappeared in 1977.

He said the public had lost confidence in the ability of Garda to solve the case.

"I think it would be much better for everybody if an outside force like the PSNI was called in to investigate," Mr Craig said.

"That is no disrespect to the thousands of gardai who do their duty very well, but they have had almost 40 years to solve this case and we are no nearer a solution.

"There are too many unanswered questions about this investigation and it needs fresh eyes.

"And if we can't get the PSNI, then we should get a British or US force to investigate it.

"I have been following this since 2011 and I think it is now time for us to get an outside force like the PSNI to come and finally give the Boyle family peace. I will fight for justice to my last breath for my cousin."

Meanwhile, march organiser Naomi Brady told the crowd in Ballyshannon the Mary Boyle case had to come to an end.

"We need some closure," she said. "I wanted to do something for the family and especially for Anne (Mary's twin), for there is nothing that anyone would know about the amount of pain and sorrow and hardship that this family has endured over the past 40 years.

"I know that many of you in the crowd here actually went out to look for Mary and we are all here today for Mary Boyle.

"We need this child to be brought home to rest and we need justice for Mary.

"Ballyshannon is an incredible community to live in. The people of Ballyshannon are a very private people but they are there when you need them and it is quite obvious here today." Ms Brady said the day "was not about politics or pointing the finger, it was about the memory of Mary Boyle".

"Mary Boyle is the picture of every other child that is missing in this country," she added.

"Hopefully, Mary Boyle's story will remind those at the higher power that they need to do their jobs and to do them well to bring peace to the families of all the missing. This is where the buck stops, this is where we start saying, enough is enough.

"We want our Government to do more, we want our police force to do more, we deserve the very best and our children of this country deserve the very best."

A message was read to the crowd from singer Margo O'Donnell who said she was staying away because the day "was a special day for the public to show their support for Mary Boyle RIP".

"Every one of you who are here today know the heartbreak and legacy of Mary Boyle and with your help and support we will hopefully find her body and lay her to rest," she said.

A message was then read out on behalf of Anne.

The march began outside the Abbey Centre at the top of the town and proceeded to the Garda Station for a five-minute vigil.

Mary vanished while visiting her grandparents near Ballyshannon.

Last week a crime review team from the Garda said it would scrutinise the case.

A fresh search at a Donegal bog for the schoolgirl ended last week without a breakthrough.

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