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Crash investigators probe cause of bus accident

The investigation into how a double decker bus overturned in Belfast, injuring 31 people is continuing, Translink have said.

A fleet of ambulances ferried those who had been hurt to hospitals around the city but the PSNI have said none of the injuries to passengers or the driver were life-threatening.

The accident happened after the bus mounted a kerb and then ran into the wall outside Central Station on the road into Belfast City Centre, before the vehicle toppled on to its side.

The driver had to be cut from the vehicle, he was believed to be the most seriously injured but Translink have said he is ‘recovering well’.

Ciaran Rogan from Translink, said: “He remained in hospital overnight. He is much improved on the first reports yesterday.

“He is obviously very traumatised and shocked, but in terms of physical injuries, it is not as bad as had initially been thought.

“His medical condition is the first priority and after that there will be a medical investigation as to what happened to him immediately before the incident.”

A section of the road was closed as paramedics assisted the injured and investigators examined the scene. The front of the bus was badly damaged in the crash.

Translink spokesman Ciaran Rogan said its engineering staff were working with police, who will lead the inquiry into the collision. “Until then, we are not in a position to say what caused it,” he said.

Health Minister Edwin Poots offered his support to those injured in the crash.

“I was shocked when I heard that so many people has been injured in what must have been a very frightening incident for everyone involved,” he said.

“I want to send my best wishes to those who were caught up in this incident.

“My first concern is that those affected receive the help they need to speed their recovery.”

He added: “I would also like to thank the Ambulance Service and hospital staff across Belfast who moved swiftly to deal with this serious incident.”

The ambulance service said the crash, which took place at around 2.15pm on Sunday August 14, was declared a major incident due to the amount of resources that had to be assigned to deal with it.

All Belfast's hospitals helped to assess and treat the casualties, including a pregnant woman who was taken to the Ulster Hospital for a check-up.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy paid tribute to the fast action of the emergency services.

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