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Crazy Prices' Jim Megaw back in new ad campaign


Jim Megaw now

Jim Megaw now

Jim Megaw then

Jim Megaw then

Jim Megaw now

The face of one of Northern Ireland's best-loved TV advertising campaigns is back in front of the camera promoting more 'crazy prices' - and says it's like he's never been away.

Jim Megaw, the genial former Crazy Prices frontman, has entered the digital age with a new 30-second spot for entertainment complex We Are Vertigo that pays homage to the ads that made him a much-loved household name.

The retailing veteran said We Are Vertigo had approached him and asked him to step out of retirement to reprise his 1980s role.

"I like their set-up, and just wanted to give them whatever help I could," the Lisburn man told the Belfast Telegraph last night. "Working with We Are Vertigo's Gareth Murphy, we went over the idea and he thought it would work well for his target audience and so I thought I'd give it a try."

Jim's new ad - selling ski clothes and holidays for the Newtownbreda entertainment and leisure firm at 'crazy prices' - is a one-off.

But while he has no plans to make any more adverts, he didn't rule out accepting more TV offers if they came his way. He'd no difficulty getting back in from of the camera, he told us.

"It's just like riding a bike," he said. "It was relatively straightforward. Making the ad didn't take very long. It's relatively newsy and painless - so I've no real complaints that way. It's one of those things if you've done it before, you know what to expect."

Reaction to Jim's return on social media has been overwhelmingly positive - and he's delighted so many people remember him from his Crazy Prices days.


Asked for his message to his fans old and new, the seasoned salesman laughed, and punched home a plug like a pro: "I don't know if I've got many fans, but my message is that I'm still here - and that We Are Vertigo are taking over where Crazy Prices left off."

Tim McKane of Navatalk Digital worked on some of the original Crazy Prices ads back in the day.

He reckons bringing back one of the best-known faces from Northern Ireland's TV history to front a new campaign is a winner.

"I've been surprised just how many people I've heard talking about the return of Jim Megaw," Tim said.

"And if people are talking about an ad, you know it's working."

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