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Creative jobs booming in Belfast, says study

By Eleanor Bley Griffiths

Belfast is becoming one of the UK's top creative hubs, according to new research.

A study showed that three-quarters of all creative businesses in the UK were gathered in just 47 clusters.

London employs 40% of all the UK's creative industry workers, with seven of the largest creative clusters in the south of England, according to the Geography of Creativity in the UK.

One in five clusters are in the north of England, while across the rest of the UK there are groupings in Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff.

The clusters surveyed employed on average 28% more creative workers than seven years ago, but although the number of businesses within the clusters has grown, the average size of these businesses has fallen.

These clusters - which include jobs in advertising, film, radio, television, architecture and publishing - can be found along motorway corridors and close to major transport centres.

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