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Crime boss Hugh McGeough and wife laid to rest

The funerals of the husband and wife murdered in Craigavon took place yesterday.

Crime boss Hugh McGeough and his wife Jackie were found at their Legahory Court flat last Monday night.

Both had been shot in the head in a gangland-style killing.

They were buried following Requiem Mass at St Anthony’s Church in Craigavon.

The media were told to stay away from their funeral.

Security sources investigating the murders believe McGeough knew his killer, who is said to be from the Craigavon area.

A prolific drug dealer, McGeough was well known to police and was jailed for nine years over the 2001 killing of Craigavon teen Peter McNally.

The McGeoughs married in 2000 — and their wedding day ended in violence with a police riot squad moving in to clear guests.

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