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Crisis warning over police pay

Federation hits out at review's recommendations on wages and pensions

By Deborah McAleese

The PSNI is facing a “serious crisis” if recommendations within a major UK-wide review of police pay and pensions are introduced, the Police Federation has warned.

Under the most radical and wide-ranging review of police pay and conditions in three decades, officers in the UK are facing pay cuts and a rise in pension contributions.

The PSNI has already been hit by large budget cuts and now officers are facing pay cuts of up to £5,000 if a government-commissioned review by former rail regulator Tom Winsor, which calls for a raft of allowances and overtime payments to be cut or abolished and for pay to be frozen, is implemented in Northern Ireland.

The body that represents rank and file officers has warned that such proposals would be particularly harmful to the PSNI as officers here are continuing to deal with a severe terrorist threat.

“Cuts in young officers’ pay of the order of £5,000 is no way to prepare officers for life in a police service where the threat of murder on or off-duty is officially classified as severe. In 10 years, for the police, some things have never changed,” the Police Federation for Northern Ireland said in the Police Beat magazine this month.

“With more resources the police service would be better placed to deal with the challenges ahead.

“If the Home Office accepts the recommendations ... then the UK police service — and that includes the PSNI — will be the most demoralised public service either here or in Britain.”

Concern over the continued terrorist threat from dissident republicans and loyalists, described as “potentially disastrous” for political progress, was also raised.


Police officers are facing cuts to allowances and overtime payments if a government-commissioned review into police pay and conditions across the UK is introduced. The review by former rail regulator Tom Winsor was released earlier this year, to the outrage of officers. In Scotland the justice minister has said he will not be implementing the proposals.

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