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Cruelty probe as dog dies

By John Mulgrew

Can you help track down the owners of a young pup that had to be put down after being abandoned and left to fend for itself?

The Belfast Telegraph reported yesterday on the tragedy of the female Rottweiler with no name handed into a Coleraine vet earlier this week.

At less than half its normal body weight and with bones protruding from its hips and ribcage, it finally lost the fight for life and was put to sleep late on Tuesday evening.

Coleraine Borough Council is appealing for the owners or anyone with information regarding the animal to come forward.

It says that although the dog is now no longer alive, those responsible for its appalling health and overall condition could now face the courts.

The young dog had been hanging on to life on Tuesday afternoon when these pictures were taken, before being given a full examination by a vet.

It was so malnourished it was unable to take in food, and as a result of its deteriorating condition vets reluctantly decided to put the animal down.

The young Rottweiler should have weighed between 40 and 50kgs - instead its weight was shockingly less than half of that, at a mere 19kgs.

Kieran Doherty from Coleraine Borough Council said he hoped never to witness such a "shocking sight" in his life again.

"This is a distressful situation for all involved, and one which should not have taken place.

"There have been a number of dogs abandoned in the area since Christmas and I wish to highlight that this is against current legislation, and court action could also be taken if neglect is found to have occurred."

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