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Crumlin Road reopens after north Belfast alert

A security alert on the Crumlin Road near Brompton Park in north Belfast has ended.

Army Technical Officers carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious object. It was later declared to be 'nothing untoward'.

The road has since re-opened. The bomb disposal team sent a robot into Brompton park at 4.40pm followed by an officer in protective gear shortly afterwards.

Traders on the Crumlin road told the Belfast Telegraph they had felt intimidated by the incident, calling it a regular occurrence which was crippling their business.

One shop owner said she was scared to come to work.

"There's no one taking into consideration how the businesses are being affected," she said. "Bomb scares and nightly parades are just killing the trade on the road. I can't see it getting any better.

"It frightens you to be in your business, you can't close because it doesn't  look good for customers who use you all year round and feel intimidated."

A second trader said she feared she would lose her job by the end of the week, as business in the area was constantly disrupted with security alerts and policing of the nearby Loyalist Twaddell Avenue protest camp.

"It's terrible, because now we haven't lifted one penny. People can't come in and collect their stuff.

"We're not going to have a job come Saturday, because of the constant inconvenience round here. Because of all the police and security alerts we may be out of a job, because people don't want to come up the road.

"Maybe it's just because it's the 11th today. A lot of our customers come from the protestant side, they're lovely people but now they can't come up to the shop because it's coming up to the twelfth."

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