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Crumlin wildlife hospital's funding emergency


A wildlife hospital that cares for scores of injured and orphaned animals could be forced to close its doors this summer.

The Talnotry Avian Care Trust (or TACT) centre at Crumlin cares for everything from starlings to swans and hedgehogs to foxes, and has featured on the Green Balloon Club on the Cbeebies channel.

But owner Patricia Nevines is retiring as she soon turns 80 and is worried that the wildlife centre she founded in the 1970s could be forced to close down.

She is hoping that she will be able to rent the centre out if someone comes forward to keep the charity running, but it needs another £1,000 a month to continue to operate.

TACT is run by volunteers who care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and abandoned wild birds and mammals.

At the moment it cares for around 150 animals and birds, returning them to the wild if possible.

Patricia said she's been donating £1,500 a month to keep the centre running, and it also funds itself from donations.

"It will require £1,000 a month to keep going," she said. "We're proposing to keep going if we can get support from the public, if people are prepared to help, particularly financially. I don't expect someone to be able to donate £1,000 a week, but if 100 people produced £10 a week, it would be great."

TACT can be contacted at 028 9442 2900, or via email at

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