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Cutting comments just Nicky's sad attempt to get back in with royals

By Frances Burscough

Nicky Clarke - remember him? He used to be the top dog in British hairdressing.

He was the favourite stylist of Princess Diana in the late Eighties and Nineties. For years he was everywhere and whenever there was a story about styling, his name was up there in the headlines.

But, as they say, every dog has its day and now the man who was never out of the Press for two decades had all but disappeared from the limelight. In fact, in recent years he'd become better known for his appearances on reality TV shows than for anything clever, innovative or new that he'd done himself. Celebrity Scissorhands, Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Celebrity Come Dine With Me, The Jump, to name but a few; he's been in them all. Meanwhile, while he was concentrating on his career as a TV celeb in his own right, the likes of Tony&Guy, Trevor Sorbie, Andrew Collinge, Charles Worthington, Pierre Alexandre and Daniel Galvin have completely overtaken him in his field.

As a result Clarke now looks like a fame-hungry has-been in comparison and his brand is all just a bit old hat.

So, if you take all these facts into consideration, it is quite easy to understand why he launched into Kate Middleton this week and pulled her appearance apart by the roots.

He wants to be her hairdresser, doesn't he?! Of course he does! He wants to claw his way back to where he was before, and to reclaim that coveted role as our leading lady's leading stylist.

But he's not going to get there by fawning and cooing at how classy she looks. Heck, no. Everyone else does that.

No, I reckon he chose his words - and whom he was going to say them to - very carefully indeed.

Sebastian Shakespeare is one of Fleet Street's best-known gossip columnists. When Nicky Clarke took him to one side to make outrageous comments about women in general - and the Duchess of Cambridge in particular - going grey, he will have known fine and rightly that it would become headlines within hours.

I suspect that by being so outspoken and daring to criticise the nation's darling girl, he was hoping to catch her eye and to remind the royals of his existence.

Then, once the fuss has all died down, he will discreetly offer to do Kate a makeover and get his foot in the door of the Palace for a second time.

Now, all that remains is to see if his cunning plan has worked.

If Kate suddenly appears on a magazine cover or a red carpet with a brand new "do", something completely different like a burgundy bob or highlighted layers, and Nicky Clarke takes the credit, then I'll rest my case.

As for men growing older more gracefully than women, catch yourself on Nicky!

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

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