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Cyclist knocks down ex-UTV presenter Jeanie Johnston on pavement before speeding off


Badly bruised: Jeanie Johnston

Badly bruised: Jeanie Johnston

Badly bruised: Jeanie Johnston

Former UTV presenter Jeanie Johnston is recovering at home after being knocked down by a cyclist speeding along a pavement in south Belfast at the weekend.

Jeanie was walking on the Malone Road at 11am on Saturday when she was hit by a man on a bicycle and suffered a number of injuries.

"I was knocked sideways with some force," she said.

When a couple who came to her aid mentioned calling the police and an ambulance, the cyclist got back on his bike and pedalled off, leaving her lying bleeding in the dirt with a swollen hand and suspected broken leg.

"I was walking up the road and he came out of nowhere," she said.

"The first cyclist got round me but the guy behind him couldn't see me and hit me headlong at some speed.

"I was lying in the dirt, my arm was bleeding, my head was up like a bap and I thought my leg was broken." The badly bruised communications officer from Kircubbin was taken to the Ulster Hospital emergency department but luckily there were no bones broken.

Jeanie would love to get in touch with the couple who helped her to thank them for assisting her as she lay injured and to ask them for a copy of the photograph they took of the cyclist.

"They tried to stop this pipsqueak but there was no stopping him," she said.

"I was in shock so didn't have the presence of mind to ask for their name.

"I want the police to find this guy.

"I heard a detective inspector on the radio recently saying it is against the law to ride on the pavement except when circumstances on the road are dangerous.

"This was Saturday morning, the road wasn't busy."

Jeanie says with the launch of the new public share scheme today it is a good time to remind the public of the dangers of riding on pavements.

"The Belfast Bike launch is a fabulous initiative," she said.

"It's a good time to reiterate you can't ride bicycles on the pavement."

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