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Cyclist stunned at sight of two people standing on top of Co Antrim bridge

Your eyes are not deceiving you - that is two people standing on top of a Co Antrim bridge and the sight nearly knocking the photographer off his bike.

The cyclist was passing through the Toome bridge and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Stunned Damien Doyle watched with disbelief as the pair appeared to take pictures of each other.

He said: "I almost couldn’t believe it but when I got closer, I could see them and I took a few photographs. They seemed to have proper cameras because one was taking photos of the other.

"They were prepared for it.”

"It didn’t seem that windy on the ground but it’s very open in that area, the wind can be quite strong on that bridge."

"They didn’t seem to have any ropes on and seemed to just to be standing on it."

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