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Czech out that sunset as sky lights up over Belfast

By Eamon Sweeney

These are the stunning images of the sky over Northern Ireland as darkness fell on Monday night.

The red hue provided a colourful backdrop to events at Windsor Park, where Northern Ireland beat the Czech Republic 2-0 in a World Cup qualifier, moving a step closer to the finals in Russia.

In what could be an omen, the sky over Belfast during the match was red - a colour often associated with all things Russian.

Many images of the colourful sky were shared by people on social media. Emma Sharples, a meteorologist at the Met Office, explained the scientific reasons behind the colourful sky.

"At sunrise and sunset the sun is very low in the sky, which means that the sunlight we see has travelled through a much thicker amount of atmosphere," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Because blue light is scattered more strongly by the atmosphere, it tends to be scattered several times and deflected away in other directions before it gets to us.

"This means that there is relatively more yellow and red light left for us to see."

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