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Dad's terror as parts fall off ride at Northern Ireland amusements

By Allan Preston

A father was left "absolutely terrified" for his toddler son yesterday after what sounded like a "bomb going off" on an amusement ride in a Northern Ireland seaside town.

Several people reported on social media that there had been panic on the Freakout ride at Barry's Amusements, Portrush, after what sounded like an explosion at around 2.15pm.

Barry's said the attraction was immediately closed "and will remain so until a thorough investigation by the relevant authorities is completed".

The large swing-based ride was reported to have leaked oil after a part fell from the top of the machine close to the children's Caterpillar mini roller coaster. No one was injured.

"I was sitting with my three-year-old son on the caterpillar and all of a sudden there was a big explosion at the top of the Freakout ride and bits started coming off and landed just short of where we were sitting with kids everywhere," the father, who asked not to be named, said.

"It sounded like a bomb going off. I thought it was going to collapse - it was absolute chaos."

A Barry's Amusements spokesperson said: "There was an incident this afternoon at 2.15pm on our Freak Out attraction when a piece of greasing equipment was dislodged. This did not affect the running of the ride.

"We wish to emphasise that no one was injured.

"Barry's Amusements has an excellent record of safety and we are taking this matter very seriously as the safety of our guests is paramount."

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