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Daithi McKay resignation

The top ten news stories of 2016

By Sophie Inge

In August, former North Antrim MLA Daithi McKay resigned over claims he and another Sinn Fein member “coached” loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson for a Stormont finance committee probe into the Nama scandal.

The committee was investigating the sale of Nama’s Northern Ireland loan book.

The allegations came after Twitter messages between Mr McKay, Mr Bryson and Sinn Fein member Thomas O’Hara were leaked.

The messages had been sent before Mr Bryson testified to the inquiry.

In his evidence, Mr Bryson claimed that the then First Minister Peter Robinson was set to profit from the sale — allegations the former DUP leader has always strongly denied.

Following his resignation, Mr McKay denied that he had coached Bryson or that he had “taken the bullet” for a more senior member of the party.

In December, Mr McKay announced his resignation from Sinn Fein.

In his resignation letter, he acknowledged that his conduct was “inappropriate, ill-advised and wrong”, adding that there was “no animosity” between him and the party.

He said: “I’ve moved on from a time with Sinn Fein. That is not to say I hold any grudges towards the party.

“There is no animosity between the party and myself.”

He added: “Everybody, in my view, has a role to play in terms of moving politics forward here.”

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