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Dana said brother was cured after abuse, court told

By Shane Hickey

Dana Rosemary Scallon told a woman who has accused her brother of indecent assault to "forget about it" and that he was cured, a court has heard.

The husband of one of two women who have accused John Brown (60) of indecent assault said yesterday his wife had talked to the singer and politician in the 1990s, two decades after it was said to have happened, but Ms Scallon said he was better.

Brown, of Lilly Hill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, denies five charges of indecent assault against two children, one under the age of 13 and another under 16, in the 1970s.

During the fifth day of the trial in Harrow Crown Court, the brother of the first woman said he wanted to "beat him" after he found out about the allegations.

Her husband said they had visited Londonderry-born Ms Scallon at her home in Birmingham, Alabama, during the 1990s. "Rosemary told (her) to forget about it, 'He is much better, he is not sick any more'," he said.

His wife alleges that Brown assaulted her twice in properties in the UK during the 70s and another two times at their home in Iowa, which are not on the indictment as they happened outside of the jurisdiction.

When it was put to him by defence barrister Martyn Bowyer that he was there to "drip poison" on Brown, he denied this was the case, calling the accused "sick".

The brother of the first alleged victim denied that the allegations came about as a result of a feud and insisted he was telling the truth.

He told the court that he came home from college for a visit when he was in his late teens to find his mother and sister fighting. Afterwards his sister told him she had been abused by Brown. He then argued with his mother about the fact that their father did not know, and about why Brown had been in the house after the alleged incidents.

The brother said he "specifically remembered" speaking to Ms Scallon about the matter between two and three years later at a Christian conference where she was singing. She said that God had forgiven Brown and he should do the same, he told the court.

He said that Brown had told him he was very sorry for what happened and that the incidents had happened a long time ago.

When that was queried by Mr Bowyer, the witness said he wanted to "beat him".

"It is only out of respect for my mother that is he is sitting over there today," he said.

His mother was fearful that the family would be broken apart if her husband found out about the allegations, he said.

When it was put to him that he did not like Brown because of a business dispute, he replied: "I don't like him because he molested my sister".

"I am here to do one thing, to make sure that man never hurts another child," he said.

The case continues.

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