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Dana's brother said sorry for his abuse, court told

By Shane Hickey

The brother of Dana Rosemary Scallon apologised to the father of a girl he is accused of indecently assaulting, saying God had forgiven him and he should also, a court has heard.

There were emotional scenes in Harrow Crown Court yesterday during the third day of the trial of John Brown (60) when the mother of one of the alleged victims shouted he "molested my daughter in my home" after it was put to her that the abuse did not happen.

Brown, of Lilly Hill Road, Bracknell in Berkshire, denies five counts of indecent assault against two children, one under 13 and one under 16, at various dates in the 1970s.

The father of the first alleged victim told the jury yesterday that his wife had told him of the allegations in January 2005 and he was in shock, as Brown was "someone I trusted, someone I knew".

He went to see his daughter after being told, and when he returned, Brown telephoned him.

"He said: 'I want to apologise for abusing your daughter over a period of 12 years. God has forgiven me and I want you to forgive me'," the father said. "I said it was too soon."

He claimed Brown then talked about remaining in a business the two men were involved in, but the father said he told him to stay away from his family and that he was finished with the company.

Barrister Martyn Bowyer, for Brown, put it to the father that there had been no conversation where his client had apologised. "You're wrong, sir," he said.

The father said he had apologised to his daughter as "I wasn't there as a father".

He said a number of other people knew of the alleged abuse at the time he was told in 2005, including Ms Scallon. He added that his wife had not told him earlier as she was afraid of what he might do if he found out.

His comments came after his wife became emotional in the final stages of her evidence when it was put to her by Mr Bowyer that an alleged incident of abuse – in their home in Iowa in the US – had not happened.

"It did happen. You were not there," she shouted through tears. "Molestation of my daughter in my home."

One of the two allegations of indecent assault against the first victim is said to have happened in a house in Wembley and another in Torquay. Two other incidents, which are outside the jurisdiction of the court, are alleged to have happened in Iowa.

When questioned about the timing of the first of the alleged abuses in Iowa, the mother of the now 47-year-old woman said she had confronted Brown at the time when her daughter told her. Mr Bowyer suggested that this had not happened.

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