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Dangerous road users caught on dashcams


A driver swerves onto the hard shoulder

A driver swerves onto the hard shoulder

A car overtakes a bus in Belfast

A car overtakes a bus in Belfast

A driver swerves onto the hard shoulder

With Northern Ireland road users reported to have clocked up over 18,000 offences in 2016/17, more 'idiot drivers' than ever are getting caught red-handed by dashcam footage.

Much of the shocking videos of near-misses have been shared on the Facebook page, Idiot drivers Northern Ireland.

In May this year one driver was pictured on the busy M2 motorway recklessly holding her phone for a chat leaving only one hand on the wheel.

In Co Armagh in March, another dashcam user on a winding country road near Annaghmore captured alarming footage of a car roaring out from a side junction at full speed, avoiding a potentially serious collision by less than a second.

That same month, a taxi driver in Woodvale took a foolhardy gamble by overtaking a Metro bus only to be forced to swerve past an oncoming lorry.

The video clip shows how terrifyingly close all three vehicles came to colliding on the busy road.

The PSNI said they were "horrified" by further dashcam footage from a busy road on the outskirts of Belfast last November.

A silver Vauxhall Corsa was seen weaving behind a lorry before dangerously pulling on to the shoulder and undertaking the larger vehicle.

The footage from the main Moira to Nutts Corner Road was viewed almost 100,000 times.

It echoed a similar undertaking near-miss by an 18 year-old R driver on the Glenshane Road earlier in 2017.

The footage showed Coleraine woman Jessica Stirling swerving her car on to the hard shoulder on the opposite side of the road without stopping to avoid colliding with an oncoming lorry.

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