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Danny Morrison: British intelligence agencies playing perverse war games

By Brian Rowan

A one-time senior republican has accused intelligence agencies of playing “perverse war games” — deciding “who lives and who dies”.

Danny Morrison — once Sinn Fein’s director of publicity and believed to have been an IRA leadership figure — was responding to the revelations on the Army agent ‘Stakeknife’, now confirmed as Belfast man Freddie Scappaticci.

That confirmation came in secretly recorded telephone conversations with former Commander of UK Land Forces Sir John Wilsey, who served as General Officer Commanding in Northern Ireland in the period 1990-93.

Unknown to him he was speaking to military intelligence whistleblower Ian Hurst who was posing as a television researcher.

Sir John, who criticised the Stevens Investigations into collusion, described Stakeknife as the military’s “most important secret”.

“It was the golden egg. It was the one thing that was terribly, terribly important to the Army... So, we were terribly cagey about Fred,” he said.

Before the ceasefires, Stakeknife was a key figure in IRA internal security, tasked with the interrogation of suspected informers when he himself was operating as an agent for the intelligence services.

“They ran agents like puppets,” Danny Morrison said in an interview with this newspaper.

“They decide who lives and dies in perverse, private war games,” he added.

“I think it is they — this intelligence community — who are perverting the course of justice, people who believe they have so much power they are invulnerable.”

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