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Danske Bank services up and running after tech problems

Danske Bank has said all its services are now working as normal after an IT glitch left customers without access to their accounts.

Access to cash machines, the bank's website, online banking and payments systems were shut down on Wednesday, September 6.

In a statement, Danske Bank said: "A number of our systems experienced technical issues last night.

"We can now confirm that our ATMs, mobile and online banking are now all working as normal."

Many angry customers took to social media to report their issues.

One Belfast woman, who was on her way to Australia, said she discovered the issue during a layover in Singapore.

Tara Johnston said: "I first discovered a problem when my card didn't work when trying to make a purchase. Then I tried to access my online banking, only to realise the app isn't working at all.

"The big problem is that I need to show my bank statement on arrival to Australia to show I have sufficient funds.

"My flight leaves in just over an hour and I need the online banking to be working when I arrive - but they have given no indication of the timescale of when it will be fixed.

"They have just apologised and said they are trying to resolve the issue, no actual help.

"I have 100 dollars cash which will do to start with, but immigration ask to see 5,000 dollars in my name on a bank statement to prove I can support myself."

Other customers expressed concern over unpaid bills and missed direct debits as they are unable to transfer money across accounts.

Russell Adams tweeted at Danske Bank: "Aye, cheers. Haven't been able to access my account since 11am. No doubt will get a £15 charge for not being able to cancel a direct debit today."

One unlucky customer had moved his account to Danske after a similar meltdown at another bank. Colm Gordon tweeted: "Come on. Moved from Ulster Bank for the same thing happening four years ago. Sort it out."

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