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Daughter of former Northern Ireland first minister Trimble reveals his happiness with same-sex marriage



Lord Trimble

Lord Trimble


Lord Trimble

The daughter of the former Northern Ireland First Minister David Trimble has spoken of how her father supported her when she told him she was gay and of his happiness when she announced her engagement.

Lord Trimble - in the Lords this week - spoke of how he was "forced" to change his position on same-sex marriage when his daughter married her girlfriend.

Vicky Trimble said she was "a little surprised" at his wording saying he had been supportive of his relationship ever since encountering her now wife wrapped in a duvet and coming our of the bathrooom.

Vicky (35) and Rosalind Stephens married in 2017 at Achnagairn Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Lord Trimble walked her up the aisle to give her away.

"He played an active role and gave a very touching speech," she told The Sunday Times on Saturday while out enjoying the tennis at Wimbledon.

"It was really just like any other marriage."

Friends said her father's "deep love and respect for you shone so strongly at your wedding" through what he said.

Lord Trimble voted against the Civil Partnerships Bill in the House of Commons in 2004.

Vicky who now lives in London and works in finance, said her father had always supported her since she came out in her 20s.

She added: “I think a lot of people who think they are against same-sex marriage may never have encountered someone who is gay.

“[My father] was against same-sex partnerships and now he has had that personal experience, he realises it is just like any other relationship.”

Speaking in the Lords during the debate on MPs voting in favour of introducing same-sex marriage and liberalising abortion in Northern Ireland, Lord Trimble said they were "delicate matters".

"I have found myself taking a particular position with regard to same-sex marriage," he told peers, "which was forced upon me when my elder daughter got married to her girlfriend.

"I cannot change that, and I cannot now go around saying that I am opposed to it because I acquiesced to it. There we are."

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