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Daughter of Glenanne gang victim Denis Mullen says justice has prevailed

By Leona O'Neill

The daughter of a Dungannon man gunned down on his doorstep by the Glenanne gang in 1975 has said the "gates have now been opened for justice".

Father-of-two Denis Mullen was shot dead at the front door of his family home on September 1, 1975.

His wife Olive survived the shooting by running across fields as the murderers fired 13 bullets at her. The couple's daughter Denise, who was four at the time and is now an SDLP councillor with Mid Ulster District Council, stayed with her father's body until help arrived.

She was at the High Court in Belfast yesterday with her mother and young son Conor.

They heard a judge rule that the PSNI breached the human rights of victims' families after they failed to complete an overarching review of the activities of the Glenanne gang, including collusion.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "Justice has prevailed. Today has opened the gates.

"I have very mixed emotions. I'm happy, yet very sad.

"Mummy is 75-years-old and she had to retire from her nursing job way before retirement age because the years and the stress took its toll on her.

"She has aged well before her time. That is the whole mental and physical stress of being traumatised by the event.

"I look at mummy and I think that I have to keep going on, I have to keep fighting. I look at my seven-year-old son and I think the same. He missed out on knowing his granda."

Denise said it was "just the start of another long process".

She added: "It has taken a long time to get where we are, and I'm not under any illusions that its not going to take even longer to get to another stage.

"But I will keep on fighting for mummy. She deserves to have it acknowledged."

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