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Daughter of poppy day victim in appeal

By Rebecca Black

The daughter of a nurse killed in the Enniskillen bomb has called for a public inquiry into information being withheld by members of the IRA.

Aileen Quinton said the murder of her mother and more than a thousand others by the IRA may be in the past, but the withholding of information and handing out of comfort letters is in the present.

"My mother's murder should not be anyone's free pass," she said.

Mrs Quinton was 29 and living in London when her mother, an RAF veteran, was killed during the Remembrance Day bombing in 1987.

She had been sewing a surprise Christmas present of a lace tablecloth for her mother when the news flash came on the TV about the bomb. The tablecloth was later given to the mother of Marie Wilson, who was also killed in the atrocity.

The Enniskillen families are still waiting for justice after a HET report was handed to the police in 2012.

Mrs Quinton said after seeing the effort put into the investigation of Bloody Sunday, the comfort letters and royal pardons given to terrorists, she wanted to see them probed.

She said: "People tell us that all these atrocities are in the past, but the withholding of information and comfort letters are happening now. You don't tell cancer patients that you are only going to treat those after a certain date. Justice is the building block of a decent society."

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