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Daughter’s turmoil over meeting man who shot her dad

The last time Denise Mullen saw Garfield Beattie she was four years old and sitting in her bloodsoaked nightdress beside the body of her father Denis.

Some 40 years later she met him in the street. He told her that the sight of her had haunted him since that night.

Denise asked for a meeting.

"For two weeks beforehand my mind was in turmoil," she said. "It wasn't easy sitting in the same room as the man who had shot my father and ripped our lives apart.

"He kept saying he had turned to God and that he was saved. He said to me he didn't need my forgiveness as he had already got it from God.

"He told me about the night he killed my father, where the order came from and how it was planned. He took some kind of glee telling me of this. There was a real smarminess and that was very difficult to witness.

"He told me that he woke up in jail many nights screaming, haunted by the sight of me standing over my Daddy's body. I thought to myself it was nothing like the haunted thoughts I have lived with all my life."

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Denise says she put herself through the ordeal to get answers for herself and other victims of the Glenanne Gang.

"I am hopeful that those answers bear fruit," she said.

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